This is best dough nut recipe ever the dough nuts rises and sets its self in a proper way with soft & smooth texture

All purpose flour     3 1/3 c 
Caster sugar            1 c
Baking powder       3 t.sp
Salt                            1/2 t.sp
Cinnamon                1/2t.sp
Magnut                   1/4 t.sp (optional)
Oil                             2 tb.sp
Eggs                           2
Milk                         3/4c

Make dough of the above ingredients.
Make a 3/8″ flat surface of dough
Cut out the shapes from the dough
Use frying pan which contains 3 to 4″ oil or deep fry them
on low flame. Fry it till golden brown from both sides.

cover it with any sauce.


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