Tips for Ramadan


Kitchen Tips For Ramadan
Discussing few tips that will make our Ramadan more time saving, so we can spend more time in Ibadah.
• Make sugar syrup or caster sugar (can be use in drinks; dahi etc)
• Make chat masala and pakora masala.
• Make chutnies and store in small jars.
• Make pholkiya and store in fridge, they remain fresh till one week.
• Boil chick peas (cholay) and refrigerate them in small containers.
• Make samosay and rolls and refrigerate them.

Things should considered while doing Ramadan grocery:
• Dates
• Chick pea flour (basan)
• Sugar
• Yogurt
• baking soda
• Drinks
• All-purpose flour (maida)
• Pheni
• Imli
• Channay (black & white)
• Mong ki daal
• Ghee/ oil
• Chat masala
• ketchup
• Chutniya
• lots of vegetables.

Please us know home tips and preparations


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