Mint Margarita


  • Mint leaves      ½ bunch
  • Lemon                2
  • Black salt            ½ t.sp(kala namak)
  • Salt                      ½ t.sp
  • Sugar                    Desired
  • Soda water            Desired


Blend Mint leaves with lemon water , salt, black salt and sugar.

When well mixed add lots of ice & blend well.

Now Add soda water (I use 7up or sprite, chilled)




Milk                   1/2 cup.
Cream                 1/2 cup.
Coffee                  1 tbsp.
IceCream             2 scopes
Sugar                              2 tbsp
Chocolate chips              2 tbsp
Ice cubes                          4-5 peices

Put all ingredients in a blender and blend them nicely.
Serve it in a nice long glass.

Almond shake


Aalmonds 8-10 soaked in water overnight.
Milk 3-4 glasses.
Ilaichi 3-4
Sugar desired.
Crushed ice as desired.

Add the peeled almonds, sugar, ilaichi (only the seeds) and half a glass of milk in a blender.
Blend it till the almonds get blended in the milk.
Add the rest of the milk and blend again for 2-3 minutes.
Add the crushed ice and blend for 5 seconds again.
Pour in glasses.
Deliciuos and refreshing shake is ready


Kashmiri chai



very easy

water 4c
green tea 1 t.sp
elaichi 2m
salt 1/4 t.sp
soda a pinch

water 2 c chilled
milk as desired
sugar as needed

in a pan add water 4c, green tea,elaichi,salt & soda
bring water till it becomes 2 c
now add 2 cups of chillied water n bring to boil
now keep on up side down the tea with the big spoon
now add milk n cook till light pinkish color appears
serve hot n garnish with chopped almonds