Chicken Vegetable Soup



chicken 1 c (boiled & grinded)

vegetables of your choice
i used :
cabbage chopped 1 c
green chillies slices 2 m
carrot 3m (chopped)
spring onion 3-4 (chopped)

egg 2m (beaten)
black pepper 1 t.sp
white pepper 1 t.sp
vineger 1 tb.sp
soya sauce 1 tb.sp
salt 1 t.sp
ajino moto 1/2 t.sp
corn flour 1/2 c (dissloved in water)
chicken stock 2 lt

in chicken stock add all the spices & cook well.
now add all the vegetables & cook for 5 min.
now add corn flour then beaten egg with constant stirring.
garnish it with chicken.

serve hot with chilli sauce


Hot & sour sauce

chicken 1 c (bone less,cubed)
garlic 4 cloves
chicken cube or chicken powder 2 cubes
mix vegetables 1/2 c each {carrot(slices), onions(cubes), capsicums(cubes),cabbages(chopped),spring onions(chopped) etc.}
green chillies (raw) 2m(chopped)
salt 1t.sp
chinese salt 1t.sp
black pepper 1t.sp
red chilli powder 1t.sp
sugar 1t.sp
soya sauce 1tb.sp
corn flour 1/2 c

saute chicken , garlic,chicken & cubes stir for few sec.
add water as needed, bring water to boil
add all the spices acc. to taste
in another frying pan use 2 tb.sp oil n for 2 min saute all the veges together (dont fry to much other wise veges will leave their water n texture)
put the fried veges in the liquid soup
now dissolve corn flour in water n add slowly to the soup with constant stir
till the desire consistency occurs
serve hot
garnish it with cruched black pepper

Egg Fried rice


Rice                   2 c (raw) (boiled in 1 tb.sp of salt)

Mix vegetables  ½  c each

  • {carrot(slices),
  •  onions(cubes),
  • capsicums(cubes),
  • cabbages(chopped),
  • spring onions(chopped) etc.}

Salt                    1t.sp

Chinese salt       1t.sp

Black pepper     1t.sp

Soya sauce         1tb.sp

Red chilli powder    1t.sp

Garlic                     4 cloves

Eggs                        2m (well beated)


Sauté garlic in oil ,now add all the vegetables fry for few minutes

Now add boil rice mix well.

Add all the spices and mix.

Fry the rice well on low flame put it for 5 min then serve hot.

Garnish with eggs.