Shawerma Pickles

Hey food lover now enjoy home made pickles without preservatives.



Very easy recipe, includes

  • Cucumbers     2 Julienne cut
  • Carrots            2 Julienne cut
  • Red onions    1 slices (optional)
  • fresh jalapenos few (optional)

In a jar add

  • white vinegar 1/2 cup,
  • water 1/2 cup ,
  •  sugar 1/2  t.sp and
  • salt 1/4 t.sp .

Add vegetables and leave for 30 minutes then enjoy.

Refrigerate it after use.


Pani wala achar (pickel in water)


Turnips                      1 Kg (peeled & small cubes)
mustard seeds           4 Tb.Sp (crushed)
White vinegar            1/2 c
garlic cloves                 1m (chopped)
Red chilli flakes              4 tb.sp
salt                                   1 tb.sp or to taste
brown sugar                  1 tb.sp
water                                 3-4 Litres.


first boil water the then add turnid n cook it till tender.
now add all the spices n trun of the slove.
put the lid on & rest it for 1 1/2day.

tip: use handi (clay pot) & wooden spoon