Macaroni Pasta/salad



Pasta                   1 pack (boiled)

Chicken               ½ c

Crushed garlic    3-4

Soya sauce           2 tb.sp

Salt pepper          ½ t.sp

Oyster sauce       1 tb.sp

Chinese salt         ½ t.sp

Mix vegetables     2 cups (capsicum, spring onions, carrot, and mashrooms all slices)


First of all boil your noodles in a good amount of water and salt. drain once cooked and set aside

Then in a wok,  add garlic and chicken.

Now add veggies and pasta with all the spices.

Garnish with spring onion.




potatoes (boiled)1 c
carrots (boiled n chopped) 1/2 c
fruit cocktail 1m tin
eggs (boiled n chopped) 2m
sugar 2 tbsp
cream 1 c
moyonnise 1/2 c
salt 1/2 t.sp or to taste
cruches black pepper 1 tb.sp
gelatin powder 1 tb sp

seperate friuts from the tin n use the juice or syrup of the tin to dissolve the gelatin.
put the juice (or syrup of fruit tin) in to a pan n heat it ,when its get at simmering position put it in a cup n dissolve the galatin.

in a bowl put potatoes,carrots,fruits n eggs
now take another bowl put cream,sugar,mayonnise,salt,black pepper n disolved galatin friut syrup. now beat it well with the whisk.
put this mixture in to the first bowl which include all the fruits n veges n mix it slowly with folds now ot this mixture in a greased mould n put it in fridge for at least 2 hours before serving,
now upside down the mould in to a plater.

yummu creamy cold salad is ready to serve 🙂