Imli ki chutney or chatkara


Very mouth watering imli ki chutney with only 5 ingredients. Whole life I have seen my mom and my aunts putting corn-flour for making it thick  and soon the chutney gets rotten or smelly. This is the most consumed chutney in whole Ramadan and will gives you a proud feeling Inshallah.

Imli                                         1 packet

Jaggery (ghur)                        1 large

Cumin (Zeera)                     ½ t.sp

Red chilli powder              ½ t.sp

Salt                                      ½ t.sp

Dry mint                             ½ t.sp (optional)

Boil all the ingredients together with covered water.

Boil it till chutney gets thick remove it cold on room temperature.

After it cools down you will see it become more thick.

Put the chutney in a covered container and put it in a fridge.


Don’t separate the seeds, as seeds help it stay fresh and thicken.

You can use red chili flakes instead of red chili powder.


Chocolate Ganache and frosting.

Mouth-watering creamy delicious ganache is ready in 2 minutes, to make your desserts more delicious


  • Cooking milk chocolate   200 grams
  • Tetra pack cream              100 grams

Use double boiler to warm cream (don’t boil).

Remove from flame and chocolate and whisk until smooth texture occurs.

Cool it on room temperature and use.

For chocolate icing

  • Whip cream     as needed

Fold ganache in whipped cream as much as you want.

Pipe it and decor.

Note: use any packed whipped cream or heavy cream in Pakistan best whipped cream are Betty Crocker, Whipy whip whipping cream or Olpers.

Chocolate Ganache


250g dark chocolate callets/buttons or chopped
1/2 cup cream

In a food processor blitz the chocolate until it resembles breadcrumbs.

In a small saucepan, heat the cream until it just starts to boil around the edges. With the motor running on the processor add the cream slowly and blitz until all combined.

Pour into a small bowl and sit at room temperature, stirring from time to time, until it cools and thickens