Macaroni Pasta/salad



Pasta                   1 pack (boiled)

Chicken               ½ c

Crushed garlic    3-4

Soya sauce           2 tb.sp

Salt pepper          ½ t.sp

Oyster sauce       1 tb.sp

Chinese salt         ½ t.sp

Mix vegetables     2 cups (capsicum, spring onions, carrot, and mashrooms all slices)


First of all boil your noodles in a good amount of water and salt. drain once cooked and set aside

Then in a wok,  add garlic and chicken.

Now add veggies and pasta with all the spices.

Garnish with spring onion.




This is best dough nut recipe ever the dough nuts rises and sets its self in a proper way with soft & smooth texture

All purpose flour     3 1/3 c 
Caster sugar            1 c
Baking powder       3 t.sp
Salt                            1/2 t.sp
Cinnamon                1/2t.sp
Magnut                   1/4 t.sp (optional)
Oil                             2 tb.sp
Eggs                           2
Milk                         3/4c

Make dough of the above ingredients.
Make a 3/8″ flat surface of dough
Cut out the shapes from the dough
Use frying pan which contains 3 to 4″ oil or deep fry them
on low flame. Fry it till golden brown from both sides.

cover it with any sauce.

Chickie or laai

Well ladies I want to share a recipe of chickie or laai… Different cultures have different names … Let us know what u call it.
Peanuts 1 c
Sugar. 1c
Melt the sugar on low flame and then add peanuts or any dry fruits coat it well.
Place the material on a foil and spread it with the help of flat spoon .
Let it dry for 15 mins and serve
Well the recipe is easy and simple but make with lots of tricks and precautions
1. Use low flame during the whole procedure otherwise you will burn the sugar
2. Handle it softy, if you will get a splash of it on ur skin , the spot will never go
3. Use flat spoon
4. Use almuniun foil or butter paper
5. If sugar gets dry on your pan , pore some water and left it overnight.
Ask me anything regarding this recipe

Pop-corn Chicken KFC style

No marination needed

  • Chicken               1c cubes
  • Black pepper      1/2 t.sp
  • soya sauce          1 tb.sp
  • Salt                      to taste
  • Egg                             1m
  • Corn flour                 2 tb.sp

Mix all the above mentioned ingredients well (including corn flour and egg).

  • All purpose flour (maida)     1c
  • Red chilli powder

Make a coating mixture by combining flour and red chilli powder.

Now Coat each chicken piece ans shake off the excess flour.

Fry immediately after coating till golden brown.

Serve hot and crispy

Honey Wings


  • Wings         12+
  • Black pepper      1 t.sp
  • Salt                        1t.sp
  • Garlic powder      1 1/2 t.sp optional
  • Corn  flour           1tb.sp
  • All purpose flour           1c

Marinate the chicken for 1/2 hour and deep fry it.

  • Bar be que sauce   1/2 c
  • Honey                      1/4 c

Wash wings well and dry them. In a bowl add flour, black pepper, corn flour, and garlic powder, salt and mix well. Add chicken wings and coat them well with flour mixture.
In a wok heat oil and deep fry wings on medium flame for 6-8 minutes.
In a separate wok, add 1 tsp oil, BBQ sauce and honey, stir and mix for 30-60 sec and turn off flame. Add fried chicken wings and coat them well with the sauce. Give coal smoke. Garnish it with seeds (till) or green part of spring onion. Honey Chicken Wings are ready to serve.