Waldorf salad


A Waldorf salad is a salad generally made of fresh apples, lettuce or cabbage, grapes and walnuts, dressed in mayonnaise, and usually served on a bed of lettuce.


Anday allow (egg & potato curry)



eggs 6 (boiled)
potato 3 m (cubes)
onoin 2 m (finely chopped)
tomato 2m (chopped)
oil 1/2 c
cumin 1 t.sp
papper corn 1/2 t.sp
cloves (loong) 1/2 t.sp
salt 1 t.sp (to taste)
red chili powder 2 t.sp
tumeric 1.2 t.sp

saute onion in oil, add cumin , peppercorn ,cloved n tomatoes with salat , red chilli powder , turmenci n water
cook on medium flame n fry the mixture till it beacomes a paste n oil comes up.
now add potatoes n water n tender it now add water according to the desired gravy.
now shallow fry the boiled eggs on frying pan n add to the gravy n up it on low frame for 5 min
garnish it with chopped coriender
the anday allow is ready to serve with chapati

Chicken Vegetable Soup



chicken 1 c (boiled & grinded)

vegetables of your choice
i used :
cabbage chopped 1 c
green chillies slices 2 m
carrot 3m (chopped)
spring onion 3-4 (chopped)

egg 2m (beaten)
black pepper 1 t.sp
white pepper 1 t.sp
vineger 1 tb.sp
soya sauce 1 tb.sp
salt 1 t.sp
ajino moto 1/2 t.sp
corn flour 1/2 c (dissloved in water)
chicken stock 2 lt

in chicken stock add all the spices & cook well.
now add all the vegetables & cook for 5 min.
now add corn flour then beaten egg with constant stirring.
garnish it with chicken.

serve hot with chilli sauce

Hot & sour sauce

chicken 1 c (bone less,cubed)
garlic 4 cloves
chicken cube or chicken powder 2 cubes
mix vegetables 1/2 c each {carrot(slices), onions(cubes), capsicums(cubes),cabbages(chopped),spring onions(chopped) etc.}
green chillies (raw) 2m(chopped)
salt 1t.sp
chinese salt 1t.sp
black pepper 1t.sp
red chilli powder 1t.sp
sugar 1t.sp
soya sauce 1tb.sp
corn flour 1/2 c

saute chicken , garlic,chicken & cubes stir for few sec.
add water as needed, bring water to boil
add all the spices acc. to taste
in another frying pan use 2 tb.sp oil n for 2 min saute all the veges together (dont fry to much other wise veges will leave their water n texture)
put the fried veges in the liquid soup
now dissolve corn flour in water n add slowly to the soup with constant stir
till the desire consistency occurs
serve hot
garnish it with cruched black pepper

Oreo Ice-Cream



Tetra-pack cream                  2 cream

Condensed milk                       ½ – 1 c

Oreo biscuits                           1c

Mini oreo, crushed oreo and chocolate sauce for garnish

Whip tetra-pack cream until foamy.

Gently fold condensed milk and add crushed oreos and stir twice.

Put the whole mixture into a air tight container and freeze for 6 hours.

Chinese Fish kabab for burgers (Chinese burger patties)

Chinese Fish kabab for burgers (Chinese burger patties)

for patties

minsed meat (Chicken,fish & beef) 1/2 kg 0r 2 c
salt 1 t.sp
chinese salt 1 t.sp
black pepper 1 t.sp
red chilli powder 1 t.sp
soya sauce 1 tb.sp
green chillies 2- 3m
egg 1 -2 m
coriander 1/2 bunch
toast 2-3 m
onion 1m(chopped)

sauces : tomato & mayonise
marination : 30 min

mix & chopped all the ingredients together with meat accept toast & aggs.
when finely mix add toast(soaked in water & squeezed) & egg , mix it well.
now make patty & shallow fry it.
now use it for the filling bor burgers & sandwiches